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Protection Charm

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This is a charm that I came up with. Use it for if you are being harassed or bothered or if you just generally feel like you need that extra little bit of shielding from the world. I can't stress enough that if the problem persists, seek help from the police or from others who are better qualified.

When the moon is just beginning to wax.

1 piece of white or red linen, or any natural fabric, (I find an old fashioned piece of triangular bandage works well)
Black peppercorns
Rock salt
A short length of cotton or wool
Any protection herbs e.g. Basil/Juniper
1 small piece of clear quartz or carnelion

Main Spell
Charge every item in your ritual with love and a feeling of protection before you start. Hold each of them in turn them in your power hand and say:

"I charge this (item name) with love, protection and good will. May it help protect the bearer of the final charm, (persons name)."

Lay the cloth out on a flat surface, (make sure that you always visualise love and protection while doing this ritual). Place the carnelion/ quartz in the middle of the cloth saying:

"I need protection from a foe,
Complete protection from a foe,
May this spell not be slow,
Grant me protection from this foe."

Mix the salt and the pepper together (as this is a fire spell, it is best done in candle light so the flames may lend their help). If you can't do this, try and face south, the direction or fire and surround yourself with fire stones, for an even better result, do it when the south wind is blowing. Sprinkle the salt and pepper around the stone but still on the cloth, keeping the corners free. Say:

"Items of the Earth,
Bless me with your love.
Protection come, I beseech you,
Keep me safe and secure."

Add the herbs here if needs be. Tie up the charm with the wool and make sure that it is very secure.

"As I keep this near me every day,
May all evils be turned away,
Cover me with protective sphere,
This is my need so grant it here."

Hold the charm in your projective hand and visualise a specific time that you have felt absolutely safe and secure such as when you used to sleep in your mother's arms or when you were in the embrace of a lover. If you are doing this for someone else, get them to do this bit. See yourself in that situation and gradually shrink the image and turn it into a swirling blue sphere and push it out of your projective hand. Push it into the charm and see the charm glowing and shining. Your charm is complete.

Author - RiverSpirit

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None of my material is copywrite but please ask before you borrow. If I havn't given credit where it is due, it isn't on purpose. Just e-mail me and I will either remove the material or give proper credit.

Spinning Pentagram "Copyright Robin Wood 1997, Used with Permission"