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Full Body Healing

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This is a useful meditation for when you are feeling ill, run-down or just off colour.

See yourself in a forest clearing, surrounded by lush green trees. You should be wearing a basic set of plain robes. Your familiar* will come and join you by your side, ask them to take you to the pool of rejuvenation. They will lead you down a stony path and ahead of you, you will see a cave covered in ivy and flowers. Your familiar will leave you at the entrance. Enter in and walk up a dusty tunnel, look around and notice the low ceiling and feel the dust in your throat. At the end of the tunnel, there is a oil lamp, glowing with a hot and bright yellow light. Walk up to this and you will see a hook under it. Remove your robes and hang them on the hook. Look to your right and you will see a cool, clear blue pool. It is as deep or as shallow as you want but it is best to have it the depth of a bath. Slide gently in. Lie back with your head on a stable rock. Close your eyes and imagine all your negative energies draining away through your feet into the water. Wait until all the water has clouded up. This will be all the negative energy you have just banished from yourself. Climb out the pond and you will find a large, dry towel made of linen. Dry yourself off and put your robes back on. You have just cleansed your body and spirit.

You can just stop here or you can carry on to the next meditation.

Repairing the aura

Next, walk on back outside. Your familiar should still be there, if they're not, just give them a call and they should find you very soon.

They will then lead you (or carry you) into the heart of the forest. It is high summer and all the trees are verdant and flourishing with leaves greener than green. Through a little parting in the trees, you can see a strange bed. It is a bed made out of clear quartz. This crystal is quite well known for being able to renew the aura and seal up holes that might be making you fell ill or tired. Go though the gap and lie on the bed. You will feel like a warm blanket is covering you slowly from head to toe. Listen to the birds chirping softly. Feel the breeze gently flow over you. You relax and your body goes limp. Feel illnesses and negativity drain away into the Earth to be transformed into positive energy. Feel a sense of serenity and calmness. When you feel healed to the limit, open your eyes and rise slowly from your quartz bed. Call your familiar back and tell them to take you home. They will take you back to the original clearing. Bid them farewell and thanks and wake yourself up.

It is recommended that you eat and drink after this as you will have been in a trance for quite a long while.

Author - RiverSpirit

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Spinning Pentagram "Copyright Robin Wood 1997, Used with Permission"