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Samhain- October 31st

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Samhain is my favourite Sabbat of all. I have no idea why it just holds a lot of meaning for me. I think it is the celebrations of lives that have gone before us. The inviting of the spirits to the ritual feels friendly and comfortable. It is our new years eve because of the darkness of winter that comes after.

On this night, the veil in between our world and the realm of the spirits is said to be at its thinnest. This is when we remember loved ones whom we have lost and invite them to join us in our rituals. This is NOT the raising of the dead, it is merely an invitation to come if they wish. You don't want to pull them if they don't want to come, you don't need a grumpy spirit on your hands! This also a great time to perform past life recalls, such as the one on my medition page.

Samhain is also know as Halloween, All Hallows Eve and Third Harvest.

A Sahmhain Night (Poem)

Samhain Ritual

Samhain Correspondences

Date: October 31st

Colours: Black, orange

Stones: Bloodstone, jet, obsidian, ruby, beryl, carnelian

Herbs: Bay leaf, mugwort, nutmeg, sage, wormwood

Foods: Apples, nuts, beef, turnips, pears, pomegranates, pumpkin, corn

Drinks: Mead, mulled wine, apple juice, absinthe

Flowers/Decorations: Chrysanthemum, hazel, thistle, pumpkin, autumn leaves

Type Of Magick/Activity: Banishing, breaking bad habits, divination, drying herbs, past life recall(see meditation page), clearing out everything you don't want in the new year (habits and personal items).

Some Appropriate Goddesses: All crone and underworld Goddesses, Cerridwen (Welsh), Freya (Norse), Hecate (Greek), Morrigan (Celtic), Persephone (Greek), Rhiannon (Welsh)

Some Appropriate Gods: All old and underworld Gods, Cernunnos (Celtic), Anubis (Egyptian), Hades (Greek), Odin (Norse), Osiris (Egyptian)

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