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Yuletime Eve

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Yuletime is coming and it's getting cold,
Pagans are preparing, the young and the old,
The candles are burning,
The altar is set,
God and Goddess together are met.

Children of the noble and wise Mother Earth,
Feasts they are shaping, bringing much mirth,
The white snow is falling,
The circle is cast,
I do hope this feeling of happiness lasts.

The Yule log is burning and we are all come
To call to us hither the Lord of the Sun,
The God we're invoking,
The Goddess is here,
And soon we will all give an almighty cheer.

The tree bright and shining with tinsel spread wide,
No small decoration is left on the side.
The wreaths, we are hanging
Made of holly and pine,
Gifts we are leaving of pastries and wine.

Massed voices are humming an elegant tune,
While watching the rise of the fine silver moon,
All nature is sleeping
As the moons light grows strong,
Yuletime is coming, it will not be long.

Author - RiverSpirit

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Spinning Pentagram "Copyright Robin Wood 1997, Used with Permission"