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Awards For Your Site!!


The awards page! If you have a website and you feel that you have worked hard on it and spent time on, you can apply for one of my awards. E-mail me with the following information:

1. Name of your site:
2. E-mail address:
3. URL of your site:
4. Description of your site:
5. Which award are you applying for: (If you don't mind or don't know, just type 'any')
6. Why you feel your site deserves an award:

For now I only have the samples up here, this is to stop people taking them without earning them. If you win one, I will e-mail you the proper award. Please link it back to my website as this is only fair.

All the names of winning sites will be put up on the 'Winners!' page below, please visit them as they have worked hard to get where they are.




This is the award for Excellence......
excellencesample.gif is very rare, your site has to be tip top!!

For websites packed with spells and rituals.....
.... good ones that have been researched.

This one can't be applyed for....
... only we can chose to award this one.

This is the award for information.....
... is your site packed with useful and relevant info??

Lots of original design must have been done.....
.... easy to read, easy navigation, hard work!!

If you can't decide on a catagory....
.... then chose the general award!!

Does your website make it visitors feel at home?..
....The this award is for you!!

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None of my material is copywrite but please ask before you borrow. If I havn't given credit where it is due, it isn't on purpose. Just e-mail me and I will either remove the material or give proper credit.

Spinning Pentagram "Copyright Robin Wood 1997, Used with Permission"