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Gender: Male

Colour: Yellow

Direction: East

Part(s) of the Body: Chest, lungs

Season: Spring

Animal(s): Hawk, raven, eagle

Pentagram Point: Top left

Goddess Aspect: Maiden

Magick Tool: Incense
(Substitute(s): Feather, essential oils)

Stones: Amethyst, citrine, snowy quartz, turquoise, blue lace agate

Time of Day: Dawn

Form(s) in Nature: Wind, sky, twisters, hurricanes

Virtues: Cheerfulness, intelligence, diligence, dexterity, inspiration, joy, communication

Vices: Fickle, gossiping, selfish, sneaky, easily distracted

Emotions: Daydreaming, restless, distant

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Spinning Pentagram "Copyright Robin Wood 1997, Used with Permission"