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Love Charm

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1 x Pink unused candle (About average thickness as you are going to be carving it)
1 x Square of biodegradable cloth (Preferably pink)
Small handful of rose petals (Preferably dried)
Small handful of apple seeds
Rose essential oil
Carving tool (You can get these from most craft shops, used for working clay normally. Needs to be fairly sharp)
A length of pink or red wool

Day: Friday

Moon: Waxing

Deities: Aphrodite & Eros

Runes/Symbols: You must research some symbols that show love. The two that I would use are hearts and the rune 'wyn' but you might want to use more. If you have a personal sigil then carve that too.

Spell Working

First of all, cast your circle. I haven't written one down here as everyone has their own preferred method.

Call to the Goddess and the God. You can use your own invocation or you can use the short ones I have written here. (I am not to good and rhyming so I'm afraid these don't rhyme)

'I call upon you Aphrodite,
Greek Goddess of love,
Attend upon my working here
And lend me your power.

I also call you Eros,
To lend your power to my spell
Please help me find love
And draw a soul mate to me'

Visualize Them with you, either as actual solid forms or as glowing balls of silver and gold light.

Take your candle and hold it firmly in the hand that you don't write with. Pick up your carving tool and start to carve the symbols that you have decided upon. If you can, when your tool cuts through wax, see a trail of glowing pink light behind it, filling the marks that you leave. You can carve as deep or a shallow marks as you like. When you have finished, hold the candle tenderly and caress it. Close your eyes and pass a bit of your power into it to charge it. Poor a little rose oil onto your hands and rub it into the wax. Fill in all the carved marks and make sure you touch the entire candle with the oil. Whilst doing this, spend time visualizing your goal, what do you want to achieve with this spell? See your soul mate coming towards you but not as a solid person, more of the light of a soul.

Now hold the candle in between your hands and visualize bright pink light streaming in from the universe, infusing the candle. See it glow with the light, see the light penetrate right to the very core of the candle. At the same time chant these words.

'Read my heart and read my soul,
Bring me a mate to make me whole!'

Chant them as many times as you like, the more the better as the more times you do it, the more power you build for the spell. See this power as a glowing white light in your heart. Send it down your arms, through your hands and into the candle and see it meld with the pink light from the universe.

Light the candle and burn it every day until it is gone, repeating the chant and visualizing the result that you are wanting.

When it has finally burned down, place the stump in the middle of the cloth and sprinkle the rose petals over it saying 'roses for romance' and sprinkle the apple pips over it saying 'apple to attract'.
Tie the bundle up with the wool and take it outside and bury it.

Author - RiverSpirit

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None of my material is copywrite but please ask before you borrow. If I havn't given credit where it is due, it isn't on purpose. Just e-mail me and I will either remove the material or give proper credit.

Spinning Pentagram "Copyright Robin Wood 1997, Used with Permission"