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What's New??

Awards We Have Been Given!!
What's New??
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I decided to make a page dedicated to the new things that i put on my website because it was just starting to look to scruffy on the front page so come here to see what has been added. Everything is done by date, newest at the top.

November 30th -
Added a new spell 'Anti Stress Spell'

November 23rd -
Added the "Awards We Have Been Given" page due to receiving our first award! Yay!

October 25th -
Added new meditaion 'Creating Your Astral Sanctuary'

October 15th -
Added 'Samhain Ritual' to its page in the Sabbats section
Added this page! Come here to see what is new

October 3rd -
Added 'Love Charm' to the spells page

September 30th -
Added 'Magickal Name' to the meditation page
Added 'Fire' and 'Air' to elements page

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