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Anti Stress Spell

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This is a spell designed to bring calm and peace to you when you feel you need it the most. This may help you with your stress and worry but it wont make the problem go away. You also have to do some hard work to sort out whatever it is causing the trouble, be it a person or a situation.


Day of the Week

Time of Day
Your favourite, whenever you feel the most awake and comfortable

Small square piece of light blue or white cloth, the size of the charm you want to make
Bowl of water (purified if you have it)
Light blue or white candle (if you have access to it)
A piece of ribbon or string, your favourite colour

Sit quietly in a space where you wont be disturbed. It should be somewhere that you feel serene, maybe by a stream, in a wood or even in your bedroom. Lie or sit, however is more comfortable. Close your eyes and think of all the things that are worrying you. Bring them all to the surface, even the really deep ones, no-one will know so you don't need to hide anything. Let them come to the surface of your skin and see them as a thick, black oily covering. Consecrate the water by seeing a small glowing white ball spinning in the middle of it and getting bigger and brighter until it surrounds the water and is to bright for you to look at. Now dip a finger into the water and put some on each of you chakras, one on you forehead, your throat, your heart, your torso (just under the base of your lungs), your navel and lastly your groin. See dabs of white light on those places. Let them expand and seep into you. Follow the same process as when you blessed the water. As you do this you will notice the black oil sliding off and sinking into the earth to be remade as positive energy. Feel at peace with yourself and forget all those troubles that went before, they are no longer a part of you. You will shine like a small star and don't worry if you want to grin foolishly, a smile helps a lot.

This bit must be done second because if you try to make the charm while you are full of negativity and worry, it will taint it. Have the lit candle, salt and cloth in front of you. Close your eyes and see the candle surrounded by a ball of light blue mist (if you don't have a candle, just see the ball of mist in front of you, the candle is just used to help you focus.) Let that mist flow down and sink into the salt, continue until the salt is saturated with it, you will know when. Pour the salt into the middle of the cloth and tie it up. Also, if you want to add one of your hairs to make it personal to you, it might help. Send some of your glowy calm feeling into the charm. Caress it, stroke it, cuddle it. Whenever you feel worried or stressed you will want to get some of this feeling back. Talk to it and tell it what you want from it, tell it that you need it to help you stay calm and make these nasty feelings go away.

Author - RiverSpirit

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Spinning Pentagram "Copyright Robin Wood 1997, Used with Permission"