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These are links to websites that I have come across in my time. All of them are great ones so please visit them. If you want to add your link, either e-mail me to have it put up here or you can just add it to my free links page. There are more links on my award winners page. Those sites have won one of the awards that I give out.
Have a good look around!

If you wish to link to my site here, either just put a text link of the sites name with a link or you could use my banner and link that to here: You can either use this small one or the big one on the main page. Tell me if you link to me as I am quite happy to link back.

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Favourite Pagan Websites

The Crafting Elements (FORUM

The Pagan Seeker MSN Community

White Wicca (Forum)

UK Pagan Links

StarChild (UK Shop)


WitchCraft LTD. (UK Shop)

Witches Brew

Pagan News

Earth Spirits

Spiral Online (Shop) (Shop)

Favourite Misc. Websites

The Kingdom Of Loathing

Robin Wood (Graphics)

Sealed Knot (ECW Re-enactment)

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None of my material is copywrite but please ask before you borrow. If I havn't given credit where it is due, it isn't on purpose. Just e-mail me and I will either remove the material or give proper credit.

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