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Anyone Want to Create Their Own Clan??

Just Starting Out?
Anyone Want to Create Their Own Clan??

I am extending this offer to any member of level 7 and above. If you want to get a clan up and running and don't have the funding, just send me a Kmail to my RiverSpirit account when you have created a clan and I will help you with meat and items to put in your stash and I will stay on until you have at least 5 members.

There are a few rules.....

1. You have to be determined to stay with it. Running a clan is long hard work, but rewarding.
2. You have to put some effort of your own in, I will just provide the meat, not the effort.
3. You must be willing to recruit, again, im not doing it for you!
4. The meat will go on kitting the clan out, not fighting other clans.
5. You have to have a good KOL reputation..... im not helping spammers!!
6. You must set me a rank high enough to help, so give me most of the privilages (I wont abuse them.... why would I??) except booting if you don't feel comfortable with that.

So, get creative. If you ever get stuck, I will still be here to offer help and advise.

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