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Just Starting Out?

Just Starting Out?
Anyone Want to Create Their Own Clan??

Ok, so you have decided it sounds like good fun and you want to join but you dont know what to do next!! Well, here is a little help for you....

Step 1 - Choose a class

Ok, there are 6 kinds of class that you can choose from. You have 2 muscle based classes (they beat things up using strength), 2 magical classes (they beat things up with spells), and 2 moxie classes (they beat things up after stealing their stuff). These classes are:

Seal Clubber (muscle)
Turte Tamer (muscle)
Pastamancer (magic)
Sauceror (magic)
Accordion Thief (moxie)
Disco Bandi (moxie)

Step 2 - You Are In, Now What??

Ok, so you have a character. Your next step should be to go to 'The Big Mountains' on the top right hand of you map. From there you want to see Toot Oriole (tutorial..... get it??) the bird who lives at the top of the mountain. He will take you throught the basics of killing monsters, getting meat (the local currency) and putting on your equipment.

Step 3 - Finding People

If you look on the right hand side of your screen you will see something telling you that you can't join the chat rooms until you have proven yourself literate.

Find your way to the 'Seaside Town' and then to the 'Right Side of the Tracks'. Here you will find the 'Altar of Literacy'. Complete the test and then find your way into the chat room.

You will be taken to the /newbie chat by default. This is where you can go to get help from other players. It is usualy quite busy, but don't be afraid to speak up, otherwise no-one will know you are there!

Another way to get help from people is to send me or another of the clans leaders a message. At the top of your screen there will be a link saying 'Messages'. Click this and there will be another link saying 'Write Message'. Click this and in the 'TO' box write one of these names and then type in what you need help with. Don't worry, we are all friendly!


Step 4 - Finding A Clan

Now, this is where I am a bit lopsided in my opinions, because obviously this is the website for a clan in KOL, so that makes me want to tell you to come and join our clan! But I'm not going to. There are loads of clans out there, ranging from 1 member to 1000's!

I find the very small ones and very big ones aren't as good as the middle sized ones for a couple of reasons. The small ones can't afford to run any giveaways, help new peeps, or have a decent rumpus room. The big ones are just so big that they don't even know you are there!

If you DO want to join ours, you must be level 3 and above (that is the same for all clans). Go to the 'Clan District' on your main map and type 'Lair of Loathing' into the box.

Right, by now you should know your way around pretty well. If you need anythig else, either ask in one of the many chat rooms or send one of us a Kmail.

Hope this was useful!


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