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Lair Of Loathing Website

Just Starting Out?
Anyone Want to Create Their Own Clan??

Welcome to the homepage of the Kingdom Of Loathing Clan 'Lair of Loathing'.

The Kingdom Of Loathing is an online rollplaying type of a game created by the clever people of Asymmetric Publications. It is free and great fun, full of people who will always help you if you get stuck. There is even a spoiler site to give you really detailed help.

This is the website of just one of the hundreds of clans which set themselves up to help people, chat and just generally have a laugh!

Go To The Kingdom Of Loathing!!!

Great!! You have decided to join!! If you need a little extra help, see our page 'Just Starting Out??'.


To all the existing members of the Lair, welcome!!! Feel free to look around and if there is anything missing, feel free to suggest it on the forum in-game.


(Clan leader)

This little fish......
...... is just for ADDstrickenGoldfish!!!!!

Reasons to Join Lair of Loathing!!

Here is what we can offer you.....

1) 5 extra adventures at rollover
2) You can pick up to 2000 meat off the meat bushes in the rumpus room
3) You can get up to three stat boosting bags of chips each day from the vending machine in the rumpus room
4) Mr Klaw!!
6) There is a Mr. A giveaway on the 1st of each month.
7) When you are ready to create your own clan, we will offer meat and items to help.

We also do newbie packs for players under a week and 'Smiles of Mr A' for anyone. Just send me a Kmail to find out more.

Useful Links!

The KOL Wiki

KOL Mafia