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Finding Your Magical Name

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Here is the meditation to help you find you Magickal name, public or private. I love this meditation and I think it is the best that I ever wrote. Form your own opinions and if you wish to give me feedback, feel free!

Before you do this, I find it is a good idea to get a notebook and write down all things you want your name to stand for such as strength, determination, wisdom etc. Make a list of all the qualities.

Start by calming yourself and invoking the Goddess and the God. They will be playing a big part in this so if you don't, they wont come.....

Sit and relax until you drift off into a trance. Appear in your special astral place (if you have one, if not see my 'Creating You Astral Space' meditation) and call to your familiar (again, if you have one. If you don't you will just get an animal companion come and greet you but make sure to talk to them because they could be your familiar! If not, see my 'Finding Your Familiar' meditation). Talk to them and tell them about your day and give them any offerings that you have bought with you. Tell them what it is that you have gone there for, tell them that you feel ready to find your private name/public name (can be different). Your familiar should then leave you. Don't be afraid, just wait and be patient. Look around and take in the sights, notice all the details that you can.

Within a few minutes you will hear a noise. Look towards it and you will see to large stags, one of white, one of brown. The white one bears the Goddess and the brown bears the God. Everyone sees Them differently so I can't tell you what you will see. When I see Them, I see them as elves (yes, corny I know!), just like the high ones from Lord of the Rings. The Goddess to me is a tall fair haired elf in a white robe with a silver belt and blue eyes, the God is much the same but He has a gold belt and green eyes. They both wear circlets, the Goddess with a triple moon symbol on Hers and the God with a horned symbol on His, but that is just me.

When they have both dismounted, approach them and listen if they speak. When they give you leave, tell them what you are looking for. They will hold out Their hands to you, take them and feel energy rush in from both sides. In the middle of the triangle that you have created you will see a small speck of light spinning. Will energy into it and it will get bigger and bigger and you will find that you can't look away as it is so beautiful. It doesn't matter as this is what you want to look at! The ball will come closer to you and get bigger and bigger until it envelopes you in a sphere of bright light, the colour is different every time. After a few seconds, the light will go out and you will think that you have gone blind as it is pitch black, you notice that you have also fallen down.

All of a sudden, a word or an image will float past you. It might even just be a feeling or you might hear a voice. These are all the possibilities for your name. Some might stick out to you. They will stop, look at them and consider. Take as long as you need at this, don't hurry it as this will be the name you will be known by for a long time. Eventually your name will become clear to you and it will be obvious, maybe so much so that you feel silly!

Once you know your name for certain, call it out in your mind as loud as you can. The darkness will go, just as if someone had just turned a light on. The Goddess and God have gone and you are sat on your own on the floor of wherever you are.

Come out of the meditation and thank the Deities. Ask them to recognise you as (your new name) from now on. Well done and congratulations, you have your true name.

If you can't find a suitable name, no problem, just come out of the meditation, thank the Deities and tell them that you will try again soon. It is best to wait until the next moon cycle until you try. Don't be disappointed as you just might not have been ready yet. Go outside if possible and leave an offering of bread and fruit juice/water/wine.

Author - RiverSpirit

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None of my material is copywrite but please ask before you borrow. If I havn't given credit where it is due, it isn't on purpose. Just e-mail me and I will either remove the material or give proper credit.

Spinning Pentagram "Copyright Robin Wood 1997, Used with Permission"